Your Superior Healthplan Account

Manage your Superior HealthPlan services with your account at Always take advantage of the offered healthcare services if you are a valid member. To be eligible for the program, you should be a resident of Texas with a Medicare, CHIP, or Medicaid affiliation. There are other accepted health care marketplace exchanges that will make you eligible for the program. The company has been serving Texas residents with many healthcare services for many years now. To deliver reliable and fair service to Texans, a strong partnership with HHSC, CHIP, Medicaid and the government was established.

There are online tools to be used or explored by using your approved access. Various online menus are arranged accordingly for your convenience. Use these menus during your navigation to find specific information or data. You can view all the available categories at As an example, apply the ‘Find Doctor’ link if you are trying to find your prospective doctor online. The subheading will also give a comprehensive detail about a particular feature. Please use the directory search to find the right nursing facility and provider near you.

Signing In To SuperiorHealthPlan Properly

Since you are a current member of the program, you can access your account anytime. To do a proper login, follow the guide below:

  • Look for the ‘Login’ subheading.
  • This link is located right below the visible ‘For Members’ button.
  • Use the link to reach the next page.
  • Type your password and username in the correct fields.
  • Proceed inside by using the ‘Login’ key.
  • Always check your password and username for any errors or input mistakes.

Passwords are always case sensitive. Remember this rule to avoid making invalid sign in attempts. You may request for support if you have issues with your access.

Account Application with SuperiorHealthPlan

You will receive your account right after completing the online registration. For your successful application, please read the following steps:

  • Locate the ‘Register’ key in the main page.
  • You will be taken directly to your registration area.
  • Give your member CHIP/ID and date of birth.
  • The information will be checked and approved by the system.
  • Begin your process through the ‘Find Member’ link.
  • Fully comply with the remaining requirements and then submit your application.

Search for the ‘Contact Us’ menu if you want to request for assistance. Use the link to reach the contact information page of Superior Health Plan. You can also connect with an agent from the contact details.

There are submenus or subheadings available on the page. Choose one and you will be taken directly to its contents. It is also useful whenever you need particular information right away. Some of these menus are check eligibility, authorize service, manage claims and create account. Drop by or send your mail to Superior HealthPlan, Regency building, 2100 South IH-35, suite 200, Austin, Texas, Zip code 78704.