PerYourHealth Bill Pay

Make payments and manage your personal accounts at You can register or log in using an existing account. If you have not yet registered and your healthcare provider uses this service, locate your billing account number to log in.

Making on the go payments or paying from home will be more convenient with The “paper stub” included in your bills will be eliminated with the centralized online billing statement. If you want to make regular payments but your healthcare provider doesn’t use this service, you can request for them to sign up and enroll.

Benefits of PerYourHealth

You can dial 888-442-8447 to make payments over the phone. The portal member can be accessed anywhere through a computer or any smart device that has Internet connection. Recurring payments can also be set up through this service. Online payments are quick and easy.

The access key in your billing account should be typed as shown when logging into your account. To match your billing statement type in ALL CAPS when logging into your account.

Make sure that your current email address is on the health provider file. When you request for new per your health account information, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address on the health provider file. Dial 855-853-7242 for any inquiries on paying your bills.

True Value and How its Accomplished

One way health companies are inspiring a better healthcare system is by partnering up with per your health member portals to reduce cost, effectively manage complex workflows, and create efficiencies. This simple to use yet complex system is allowing medical teams to accelerate the journey towards improving lives and making healthier communities. What is the outcome of this change in healthcare? Better choices for patients and clients allowing better patient care and fair outcomes at a growing scale.

A value-based healthcare system fits everyone’s budget and as a catalyst for creating healthy lives for young and old alike. This technology provides network solutions and technology enabled services as well as a user-friendly software and analytics for a more collaborative healthcare system. This treatment is not only measurable at the point of care, but also before, during, after, as well as in between episodes of treatment and care.

What issues are solved when you are connected with PerYourHealth technologies and the care continuum? At the center of healthcare change is at the heart to help serve providers, bill payers and consumers. Multiple platforms are used to address diverse needs of patients, clients, doctors and hospitals. Provider solutions increase patient access, give appropriate clinical care, allow management of claims and payments across all kinds of revenue cycles. Solutions geared toward payers make sure that payments are done accurately and members are able to engage in network management and transition smoothly to a value-based payment. These online portals provide digital tools that allow patients to access their personal information thus making it easy to make choices based on quality, cost, as well as convenience.

How does this reduce your cost burden? Data and technology are both leveraged with expertise to help meet your goals. The current healthcare landscape is constantly changing but with the right tools you will be able to determine what choices will best prepare you for your future. More value with less effort means that tasks are performed more easily while reducing administrative costs which passes savings on to each individual client and patient.

Healthcare costs can be driven down through accurate payments. It is estimated that over $1 trillion is wasted within the healthcare system every year. With so much wasted, it is important that analytics are applied for payers to give insight and guidance every step of the way when making payments towards medical and healthcare. Use your online portal and tools that provide transformative insights for each stage of the payment process. This guarantees to work better, faster, and more efficient than traditional methods.

Always Innovating For Improved Outcomes

Evidence-based care is crucial for improving patient outcomes. Advanced clinical content, and technologies that think outside the box provide solutions and services that have helped reduce administrative burden to improve care quality. When administrative costs are reduced through technological innovations, networks are streamlined with automated medical reviews that bring clarity to molecular diagnostics.

The resources that provide these accounts were one of the first to bring evidence-based clinical criteria and Policy Management with automated authorization within existing workflows. As healthcare continues to change on a regular basis so will the decisions made within the support system. Just as proven in the past, you can count on the innovation shown to improve medical and health related outcomes. The results of this proactively manages patient care and allows hospitals to reduce the length of stay on average by all but deleting inappropriate admissions, readmissions, unneeded interventions as well as denials. All in all this leads to a 7.8% shorter hospital stay all credited to a rigorously developed objective content that aligns clients and patients with actionable clinical intelligence.