Your Assurant Health Account

Manage your account with Assurant Health online by using Assurant Health has been providing non-profit organizations with financial and volunteer support to help improve the quality of life in the surrounding communities. Since 1973, the company focused on strengthening its housing and lifestyle protection offerings. It has also provided matching gifts program to its employees; eligible U.S. Assurant employees are given the opportunity to request a dollar-for-dollar match for their personal contributions to qualifying charitable organizations.

Assurant Health provides a diverse set of specialty, niche-market insurance products. The company is currently headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but it also has offices in Minnesota and Idaho. To get the information you need, simply utilize the subheadings found on Health Assurant’s online portal – Here you can learn more about your benefits, find an agent, a health care professional and many more.

How to Contact an AssurantHealth Agent

If you already have a plan with Assurant Health and would like to contact someone from the company for assistance, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Look for the subheading marked as ‘Contact Us’ and use it to access the various contact information of the company.
  2. Here, you can view the contact numbers of the various departments of Assurant Health. For example, major medical (individual and family plans): 800-553-7654, small business: 800-328-4316 and more.
  3. This is also where you can find answers to most of your questions about Assurant Health’s products and services.

How to Log In to Your Online Account with Assurant Health

If you already have an online account with Assurant Health and would like to log in, please follow the indicated steps below:

  1. Look for the green button that says ‘Log in’ and use it to access the login page.
  2. From here, you can choose if you want to access your plan, access your business account, log in as an agent or log in as a provider.
  3. For example, you want to access your plan, you will be redirected to the appropriate login page. Enter your username and password to the corresponding fields and use the green ‘Log In’ button to access your account.
  4. If you forget your username and/or password, please use the appropriate link to get assistance.
  5. If you experience any more problems logging in, use the link that says ‘See Details’ to get help.
  6. You can also call the technical support team at 800-375-7895.

If you want to create an online account today, look for the green button that says ‘Register Now’ to access the registration page. This button can be found on the upper right corner of the login page. Once you are redirected, fill out the form accordingly and complete the process to successfully create your account.