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Find your required information about medical research, conditions and others using general links of The information provided should not be taken as medical advice, warranties or representation. All details from the search are not to be used as an alternative to medical care as it merely provides information for your reference. It is important that you seek help or advice from your healthcare providers for any health issues. To prevent aggravating any existing health problems that you have, please see your doctor right away.

Patients like you will be able to receive optimum health through the services of My Healthcare. Keep in mind that an immediate medical response goes a long way especially when you need it the most. Do not alter your health treatment, ignore professional advice or avoid health services based on your search at All users are reminded that the information in the portal is not always complete, accurate, true or up-to-date. Your doctor is your first choice for a reliable counsel, especially if your condition requires urgent care.

Proper Use of MyHealthcare Portal Search

Use the visible search box whenever you are looking for information about medical research or generic drugs. Begin by typing in your key words in the empty field and activate the ‘Search’ button. Wait for the system results to arrive and check if it has the answer that you are looking for. To get the most accurate results, please remember to type a specific key word instead of using broad term. You may use the available tabs on the page to speed up your search. Each of the tabs has corresponding information such as:

  • Cardiac
  • Gastric
  • Skin
  • Infect
  • Neuro
  • Cancer
  • Disease
  • Treat
  • Biology
  • Trends

Refer to My Healthcare categories that closely relate to the information that you need. The tabs will make your tasks very convenient and quick. As an example, the ‘Medicare’ subheading will produce results that are closely related to Medicare services. Use the remaining subheadings at the portal for your Indicator Code Claim filing, Nursing Home comparison, Hospital details, Physical details, ICD-10 compliance and more.

Learn more by speaking with the customer care assistant at 800-546-7029. You may also send your queries, suggestions or complaints through the ‘Live Chat’ menu. Wait for your chat session to start with any live agent.