Multiplan Cost Saving System

Secure the most effective cost management system for your healthcare at In October 2006, MultiPlan has acquired the PHCS or Private Health Care Systems and its networks. The company was founded in 1980 and since then, MultiPlan became an industry leader in healthcare cost handling solutions. Presently, there are over 68 million clients actively using its network services and more than 900,000 healthcare professionals under contract.

MultiPlan has effectively reduced an estimate of 40 million claims through its non-network and network services. This is one of the circumstances that the company gains more resources and experience from. It enables MultiPlan to handle competitive pressures and unprecedented cost that many healthcare clients are facing. These clients came from various sectors such as the auto market, worker compensation provider, government, and commercial healthcare sectors. You will receive access to complimentary networks including your preferred primary PPO through the company services. All medical reimbursement and negotiation tasks are also provided with online submission capabilities. Learn more on how the southwest area and Wisconsin were offered with PPO networks at

The Comprehensive PHCS Solutions

Get more value, innovation and options from your healthcare services with MultiPlan today. This is a perfect solution when you need a strategic response in the managed care environment. By using the comprehensive solution suite, every electronic claim is evaluated together with the cost saving system. The evaluation procedure conforms to the contract requirements and applicable benefit plans. The guaranteed results are maximum satisfaction and savings to the providers and patients. Common errors and delays during transmission of claims between vendors will also be avoided and mitigated.

  1. Reduce your costs through your primary PPO association.
  2. Negotiate a price through complementary network if a provider is not affiliated with any primary PPO.
  3. Select one or all of the cost reduction methods if a provider is not found in any complementary network.

There are two measures to choose for a non-network cost reduction:

  • Negotiate a reduced price directly with a preferred provider.
  • Enroll for a reasonable reduction according to the real facility costs and the reimbursement levels of your median practitioner.

Healthcare Facility or Provider Search Using MultiPlan

To search for a PHCS facility or a specific doctor, please read the guide below:

  1. Look for a magnifying glass symbol in the main page. The symbol is located next to the ‘Search for a Facility or Doctor’ label.
  2. Use the link to reach the next page.
  3. Identify your network from the displayed logos. Refer to your benefits ID card for the correct information.
  4. Use the ‘continue’ button.
  5. On the following page, fill out the online form with your search details.
  6. Provide your city, zip code, doctor specializations, name, and other relevant information if you are searching for a doctor.
  7. Enter the correct verification image and apply the ‘Continue’ button.
  8. Review the P H C S search results.

Make a request for assistance by using the ‘Contact Us’ button. Explore the top right area of the page to find this button. You will be taken to the contact information area of MultiPlan. Take your pick from the list of contact numbers and call right away. For concerns related to your PHCS Network, please dial 800-922-4362. For Healthy Directions inquiries, please call 800-678-7427.