HealthyStepsWellness Connection

Enroll for your personal account through the services of You will be informed about the latest health topics and your most suitable wellness programs. Use the multifaceted program to achieve a healthy, happy and strong workforce in your company. Through the innovative, sustainable, focused and planned techniques, the program became a million dollar enterprise today. Keep your focus on keeping a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Make wellness your daily achievement.

The recent affiliation with UnityPoint Health and Washington State Health care Authority is the result of surpassing the 100 client mark. Another highlight is presented in the form of 100% growth in annual revenue. This advancement is credited to the innovative technology, excellent customer service and professional expertise. Get to know more about boosting your workforce performance at The page also contains the contact information of your company, job opportunity listings, social media programs, account login and more. You will have more advantages if you are a valid member.

Log in as a HealthyStepsWellness Member

The following guide is created for valid members of the company. To sign in and navigate the page, please read the steps below:

  • Navigate the right hand part of the portal
  • Locate the login field in that area
  • Type your password and email in the blank fields
  • Review your details before using the ‘Sign In’ link

Please find the ‘Trouble Sign In’ tab if you have forgotten your login information. You will be assisted with your problems by the online support team.

Account Registration

You can always register for an access if you want to be a valid member. There are many benefits for members to look forward to. To begin your enrollment, please read the following guide:

  • Navigate to the middle part of the portal
  • Search for the ‘Get Started’ button
  • Use the link to start your process
  • Provide the required information in the online form
  • Review the information for any errors and submit your application
  • Check your email for the account confirmation

The ‘Contact Us’ link will take you to a contact information page of the company. For issues related to Healthy Steps Wellness account, please request for support immediately. To convey your message by email, please send it to The Kindred Hub customer support hotline is also available at 1-800-991-6171. All TTY callers can reach the support team by dialing 1-800-545-0749. For concerns related to the company compliance, just dial 1-800-359-7412. All mail correspondence will be delivered to 680 South Fourth Street, Louisville, Kentucky, Zip code 40202.