Health PatientPortal by eMDs

Access your medical records by signing in to the e-MDs portal at Physicians will be assisted in prioritizing patient care through the integrated system of E-MDs. The financial status of the healthcare practice will also be optimized by the system. During the year 1996, Dr. David Winn M.D. founded the company and since then, dedicates its services to build the best RCM and HER systems. The values during its foundation are retained to ensure excellent services at all times. The company believes that all practices of medicine are envisioned to be fulfilling and enjoyable, and this is upheld through the offered services.

Accessing your medical data and account is very easy to do. Start the process by providing your password and username into the empty fields at You can always request for assistance if you are unable to recall your password or username. To ask for help, choose between the two links just below the ‘Log In’ key and use it. You will be redirected to a new page where you can retrieve your login details. You can also view the terms and conditions and privacy policy using the portal. To reach your desired page, simply explore the lowest area of the page and use the available links.

Available Services with HealthPortalSite Access

You can access the exclusive services through the various systems by signing into your account. Select the category that you would like to enroll and will likely boost your medical career.

Electronic Health Records

  • Designed to synchronize with the logical process based on physician’s mentality.
  • Charts will reflect all entries of doctors.
  • Gives accurate billing and clinical data.
  • Provides you with highly detailed and quality reports.
  • Produces correct claims.

Enrollment and Credential Solutions

  • Provider enrollment credentials.
  • Hospital privileges and credential.
  • NCQA certificate and CVO qualifications.
  • CAQH maintenance.
  • Accepts group re validations and applications.

Managing Population Health

  • Satisfaction and compliance.
  • Treatments and Diagnosis.
  • Payment and patient records.
  • Effectively identifies lapses in care and helps in resolving the issues.


  • Convenient Resources for you.
  • Facilitates your transition.
  • White glove services.

Access all medical and Health Portal Site accounts whenever you want to review all of your important records.