Geisinger Health Coverage

Seize the opportunity of having your own healthcare coverage by accessing You will receive the most comprehensive coverage at a very reasonable rate from Geisinger Health Plans. Get the best value and top quality medical services that you really deserve today. The company has provided affordable and reliable healthcare assistance for more than 540,000 clients since 1985. The program began as a prepaid plan in a rural setting in 1972. The first recipients are residents and employees from the 5 counties around the hospital. The addition of products and properly supervised care has resulted to its growth as an organization. As a resident of Pennsylvania, you can pick the most suitable options according to your budget and needs.

The continual development of new products helps to meet the increasing demands of clients today. The program is highly acclaimed in the country for promoting innovation and reducing medical costs. It also resulted in the improved outcomes of many clients. Review the facts and figures by exploring Residents of New Jersey, Maine and Delaware are also provided with the needed healthcare services.

Services from TheHealthPlan Program

Choose from the following products to cater your individual, family or business needs:

  • Medicare Supplement Plan for Pennsylvania residents
  • Medicare Advantage commodities and prescription drug selections
  • Medical Assistance
  • Marketplace plan for individuals and businesses
  • High rate deductible health coverage with and without health savings accounts
  • Small businesses plans
  • Insured POS or point of service products for groups
  • Third party administration service or TPA and health options for employers
  • PPO group coverage
  • HMO group coverage

Login to Your Thehealthplan Account

To manage your Health Plan account, please log in by using the steps below:

  1. Go to the top right area of the main page.
  2. Place your pointer at the orange ‘Sign in to My Account’ box.
  3. The ‘Sign In’ link will drop from the box.
  4. Using the link will redirect you to the login area.
  5. Type your password and username in the empty boxes.
  6. Use the ‘Sign In’ button and continue to your profile.
  7. Find the ‘Forgot Password’ link if you have forgotten your account password.

You can register for an account and then receive your membership right away. To begin the process, please look for the ‘Register’ button. Go through the whole enrollment process and provide all the required information. Review your information and submit the online form. This will conclude your registration process. To prevent intrusion and data theft, there are safeguards implemented in the page. To ensure the safety of all users, the contents of the portal has complied with all regulatory requirements. Please use the ‘Help’ button if you need further information about The Health Plan.

Navigate to the FAQs section and view the submitted posts of other members. You can also speak with a provider through the ‘Contacts’ menu. For medical concerns, please call 855-227-1302. For all Geisinger Gold members, please dial 800-498-9731.