Federal Employee Health & Dental Plan

Get your GEHA online account by navigating to www.geha.com. There are many offered benefits if you are an eligible recipient of the FEDVIP and FEHBP. These are the Federal Employee Dental & Vision Insurance Programs and Federal Employee Health Benefit Plans from your Government Employee Health Associations. The program provides dental and health plans to all current and retired federal employees. All immediate family members are also included in the program. Today, there are over 1.5 million known beneficiaries of the worldwide services. Pair your HSA with the HDHP through a valid PPO. This is a fee for service option with any Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) together with a High Deductibles Health Plans (HDHP) and your HSA or Health Savings Accounts.

Discover more information if you access the portal using your account. The services also include finding your doctor, vision provider, dentist, pharmacy, hospital and more. Apply the online tools and menus to your advantage. Explore the available plans, prescriptions, wellness programs and benefits at geha.com. To search for a vision provider near your place, use the ‘Find Vision Provider’ tab right away. This tab is located at the left area of the portal. Display the results by applying the ‘Search’ button. You can also use the EyeMed portal for your search. The tools will also provide results for the nearest and accessible network provider.

Managing Your GEHA Login

After receiving your access, you can use it immediately. Please read the instructions below for the proper login method:

  1. Explore the left hand area of the page.
  2. Locate the login fields in that area.
  3. Type your valid username enter using the ‘Accounts Sign In’ link.
  4. Enter your password in the next page and proceed through the ‘Continue’ button.

Please refer to the ‘Forget Password’ link if you have lost your password. You can request for support and then retrieve or reset your login information.

Account Enrollment with GEHA

It is very easy to get your personal access with GEHA. To begin your application, please read the guide below:

  1. On the main page, locate and then use the ‘Register Now’ link.
  2. You will be taken to the proper registration area.
  3. Select your account type as provider or member.
  4. Each type has different requirements in the form.
  5. Provide the required information such as your tax ID, complete name, organization, address, work contact number and more.
  6. Review all the details and tick the terms and conditions box.
  7. Finish your enrollment by using the ‘Create Account’ button.

Please locate the ‘Contact Us’ menu if you have issues with the GEHA portal. Simply use the online form for sending details of your concerns with G E H A. To speak with the support team, please dial 800-821-6136. All TTY users are advised to contact 800-735-2966.