Ciox HealthPort Connect

Enroll for an exclusive HealthPort Connect account using the services of You can track, manage and automate an entire auditing process through an online solution. Your responsibilities in doing record requests up to appeals management is made easier than ever. You will be able to keep up with the challenges involved in audits through the application. Additionally, the company will help you to understand the connection between audit management and information release.

Valued clients will receive the benefits of the new digital capturing method. The benchmark method was pioneered and introduced by your company. The process also complies with the releasing of information or ROI industry agreement. Traditional photocopying machines will be replaced with the latest digital scan system to save costs and increase efficiency. Learn more of these new developments at Through the portal, you can also view flexible solutions, check training opportunities, submit invoice inquiries, ask for billings, and other related tasks.

Connecting To HealthPortConnect Account

Sign into your account right away if you have an authorized access from the system. To manage your login process, please read the following:

  • Search for the ‘Client Login’ link in the homepage.
  • The link can be found at the top right area.
  • Use it to reach the next portal.
  • Choose the ‘HealthPort Connect’ among the list of online application menus.
  • In the new area, type your password and username in the blank spaces.
  • Review your information and apply the ‘Login’ button.

Use the help button if there are issues with your access. You may send your questions, comments, or suggestions using the same link. You will be assisted by the support team as soon as possible.

There are various subheadings and tools that you can explore at the portal. The Health Port Connect menus will help you locate the right information that you need. As an example, use the ‘Billing Inquiries’ tab and you receive information related to your billings. You can also refer to the FAQs and view the solutions from other members. The frequently asked questions page is a good source for relevant answers and for posting your own queries.

To request immediate assistance, please use the online support link. You can also contact your company by email. Search for the ‘Email Client Care’ tab and write your concerns in complete detail as possible. Send the form with your message by applying the ‘Submit’ button. The customer care representative is always online to assist your concerns. You may speak directly with an agent by calling 800-367-1500.