Benefeds Health Insurance Plans

Get your Benefeds online access by enrolling today at This is a premium and enrollment processing system from your OPM. Use the system when you enroll with FEDVIP or Federal Employee Dental & Vision Insurance Programs. Benefeds also handles the premium administration and billing for both FEDVIP and FSAFEDS. You are offered the easiest way to enroll with FEDVIP plan as a newly eligible staff.

There are many benefits when you have the Federal Flexibles Spending Account Programs. Through your enrollment, you can choose the perfect coverage and learn more about the offered benefits. It is also possible to compare plans and check coverage packages that match with your lifestyle. Know more when you explore further in There are applicable links and subheadings in the portal. Simply use one to discover additional information about the company.

Proper Benefeds Access

Your valid account allows you to explore the page further. To sign in, please read the guide below:

  • Go to the main page and locate the login fields.
  • Type your password and username in the spaces provided.
  • Review your login details and continue through the ‘Login’ tab.
  • Keep in mind that the link is colored blue.

For any login issues, please seek assistance immediately. You can easily find the support link on the main portal.

Creating Your Benefeds Account

Prospective members are always welcome to register for authorized access. To create your valid account, you may refer to the following guide:

  • Explore the left hand area of the portal.
  • Look for the ‘Signup Now’ button.
  • Apply the button and you will be redirected to the registration zone.
  • Give the required personal details.
  • These details will include your name, social security code, birth date, valid email address, contact number and more.
  • Review your application form and complete the process using the ‘Create Account’ link.

You can request for Benefeds assistance if you are a valid member of the company. To seek help, please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab right away. You will reach the contact information area where the contact numbers, mailing address and email are displayed. For issues relevant with the customer service, please dial the appropriate department at 1-877-888-3337. All TTY users are requested to use 1-877-889-5680.

Send your queries as an email using an online form. Type your concerns, complaints or comments in the form and submit it through the ‘Send’ tab. The email is highly secure but do not send in your social security code. Calling the customer service is more appropriate if you need to provide your SSN. For your mail correspondence, send it to Benefeds Post Office Box 797, Greenland, New Hampshire, Zip code 03840-0797.